Private Thomas Feavel
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 12 Feb 65-4 Sep 65

On information from Jim Feavel-Finally- Proud Great great Nephew.

I was doing some research and I ran across your site that had the list of the 47th Wisconsin Infantry.
I have a name for you to add to it  -- I am related somehow, but I haven't figured out exactly how as of yet.
Thomas Feavel
Company F
47th Wisconsin Infantry
I know he is related, but when I specifically find out I will give you the exact lineage. I believe him to be a brother of my great grandpaX3, but until I get that documented, don't put that down in stone.
Once I get this documented, and inform you of it, would it be ok if I put a link to your website on my website:               (Civil War Tinsmith)?
I once saw a bumper sticker :  Genealogy -- collecting dead relatives.
I enjoy tracing my lineage, but have come to some roadblocks, as I'm sure you have in your travels also.


Jim Feavel-Person trying to find a relationship

webmaster's note:  Per the Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, Thomas Feavel was a resident of Milwaukee, WI at the time of his  enlistment..  I've added a link to the Civil War Tinsmith above.  Just click the link.

This today from Jim Feavell (6-3-14) Congratulations Jim!

Actually he was(is) my great,great,great,great uncle.

 It took me some time but I finally found the genealogy to him somewhat distant but none the less a relative.


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