Pete's Article for September 2000.

"A Heartfelt Thanks" by Pete Bennett

This month I feel I must excuse myself from writing my usual type of article to say thank you to a large group of people who last month chose to open their hearts to me and to my lovely wife Doris in our time of agony and need.

You may have read my story about Doris and I . It will be very difficult to write this, but friends, we were very moved by your kindness on our behalf and we know that we would never be able to thank each of you individually. So, please accept this as our thank you to one and all.

Two of our wonderful friends from St.Marys decided last month to hold a Benefit for Doris who suffers with leukemia. Although this Benefit is something that we would have never asked for, we were very moved by the gesture, on the part of Carole Harshbarger and Sally Bille, in organizing and conducting it.

We were also so pleased with your heart-warming response to their requests for monetary donations for us.

To the owners of "Indoor Divots", Jeff Bille, (who spent all day helping at the event), Diane & Chet Cheatle, and Matt Schlimm we send our thank you . And to all those businesses who donated items (food and prizes) that were used at the Benefit we say Thank You! Also to Tom & Val Werstler of the Eagles Hill Word for their kindness in printing the story we say thank you!

No one ever wishes to get in the situation where you need handouts, after all we have family and this is the way we feel about it. But, when you're a couple living on a fixed income (we're both on Medicare/disability) money often times is a short coming especially when you go to the drug store often and your co-pays alone come to $100.00 or more.

We are proud and would never have asked. But we didn't need to ask you see because the Lord was busy pulling heart strings and watching out for us in his own merciful way. He turned you all into His loving angels! And that you all are.

Today (8/2/00)Doris was allowed to return home after 11 days in the hospital at Pittsburgh. While there she receive a new type of experimental drug that is in the class of monotonal antibodies called Mylotar or Gentuzunab. We are praying that it will help her win her fight with this dreaded disease.

Take it from me, she is the strongest and bravest person I know. Believe me friends, if you would just stop right now and say a short silent prayer for us it would please us as much as any amount of money can do. We truly believe that Jesus is the healer of the sick through prayer.

As many of you probably know, I have been staying with Doris (in her room) throughout the course of her treatments and plan to continue. There in the hospital I have seen and been touched in the heart by many people afflicted with cancer. Believe me, we need a cure for this disease! If you have spare time on your hands, please volunteer to help out in the fight at your local chapter of the American Cancer Society. The search for the cure must continue.

Doris was readmitted to Shadyside Hospital on August 11 after developing a fever following her second treatment of the Mylotar. Once again thank you all for your kindness on our behalf.

Your Friends,

Pete & Doris Bennett

See you next time.

(Doris, my lovely wife of 39 years passed away peacefully on 13 Sep 2000 and now rests with our Lord.)

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