Private Samuel Sawley
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 4 Feb 65-4 Sep 65
On information received from his descendant great grandson.

Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 13:56:18 -0800


With pleasure, I have viewed your very interesting web site dedicated to the 47th Wisconsin Infantry Reg. I have for some time tried to find further information about the 47th Wis. Inf. and its members, but as you well know, there is very little on the Internet about that regiment.

As they were not involved in any large scale operation or battle during the Civil War, they seem to be only a footnote in the history of the Civil War period. My great grandfather was also a member of the 47th Wisconsin Inf., although I do not have a lot of information on his involvement, other than he was quite young and served in the regimental band during that time.

I was told that one of his duties was to call the "Roll Call," and could until his dying day, recite the "Roll Call" by memory, of those in his unit. (Company F. 47th Wisconsin) After the war he returned to Wisconsin, and lived in the Dunn County area until he married and then traveled with his family via covered wagon, to Coeur 'd Alene Idaho. There my family lived for many years, and survived during the depression partly on his Civil War Pension.

He was a long-lived fellow and lived until about 1941 or 1942, and was buried in Coeur 'd Alene.

His grave stone was typical of the type of veterans of the Army, and is marked:

CO. F. 47th WIS INF

As I live in the Seattle, Washington area, and have not traveled to the Wisconsin area, I therefore haven't very much information on that part of our family. I hope to be able to do so someday, as I would like to try to find a roster of those who were a part of the 47th, and maybe some more information about the time they were serving in the Army. Wisconsin seems to have a great deal of information, but as far as I can tell one must be there in person to view it.

My g-great Grandfather, Pvt. Samuel Sawley started his service on 4 February 1865, and was mustered out with the rest of the Regiment 4 September 1865.

I found the record of his pension request, and those of every other member of the 47th Wisconsin that applied or whose pension was applied for by their dependents. That information was listed on the microfilm available at the archives: "Publication T-289 Records", roll number 621 (43 Wis. Inf. - 48 Wis. Inf.).

I noticed that you were requesting information on the members of the 47th Wis. Inf., and this listed them (at least pension requesters) by Unit and by Company, along with other tidbits of information for some of them. There were, as you can imagine, a large number of soldiers listed.

You probably know all this already, but for me it made me feel closer to my ancestor. I think I told you that one of Samuel' duties was to call out the roll, and to be able to read the names of those fellow soldiers who knew him, gave the experience a special meaning.

They say that one is never really gone as long as someone remembers or thinks about them.

If that is the case, then I hope the men of the 47th Wis. will always be remembered through your web site and others like it.

I am not sure where you are located, but the I see that the information is available at various locations, and I found it\par originally on the Internet when I searched out the NARA at:\

Thanks for the great site, keep me in mind if you find any interesting information regarding the Wis. 47th Inf.


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    Thanks for the email on the updated web site, I have viewed it and have no objections to your displaying the biography on my ancestor Samuel Sawley therein.

  As I mentioned to you in the past, I am trying to find out any further information on his service time, and have only yesterday received the forms necessary to send for a copy of his official service records from the government.  If I find out anything interesting I will let you know as soon as possible.  At one time there was a lot of information available in our family, but as most of the family members who personally knew Samuel are now gone, and the fact that as a young kid I wasn't too interested in listening to the conversations of a bunch of "old people," I unfortunately missed out on a virtual wealth of information that was available at that time.  Now it is a little harder to get the history I'm looking for, but I will continue to search as best I can.  

    As I told you before, he was a long lived fellow.  My father once told me that Samuel was very active even into his very late years.  After he could no longer drive, he took up riding a bicycle all over the Coeur d' Alene, Idaho area.  Only much later when family members thought that he was too old to do that anymore, and took his bicycle away, did his health start to fail.  I do not have his exact date of death, but was told that he lived until approximately the age of 95.       The fact that 39 members of the 47th Wisconsin Inf. died during their short service period, and that no deaths were due to any military action, one can only imagine how difficult life was back then. They were obviously a tougher breed of people. Taking into consideration the type of lives they lived, and hardships they had to endure compared to our modern existence, we can only hope we all will have such a long and healthful lives.

Richard C. Krotzer, great grandson
Black Diamond, WA

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