Where I was baptized the Sinnemahoning Methodist Church, this picture was taken about 1907.

This is a picture of a dance recital held in Fulton's Hall in Sinnemahoning, PA about 1945.

If you have corrections to any of those named please email me at: petebennett@hotmail.comThanks!

L-R-Front) Bobby Jordan, Tom Fulton, Judie Hickman, Mary Edna Jordan, Johanna Anderson, Mary Jean Kraft, Clark Woomer, Larry Burk, Donna Lee Davis, Jesse Haynes, Georgie Dexter, Pearl Wykoff, Pete Bennett, Ann Crum, Jack Bushor, Chauncey Logue, Troxell "Troxie" Halderman.

L-R-Back) Joe "Dodie" Bailey, Maxine "Mickey" Gore, (my cousin) Marie Ball, Phyllis "Sis" Bushor, (My sister) Ida Bennett, Carol Cool, Betty Wilcox, Nancy Johnson, Shirley Jordan, Joann Jordan, Maxine "Bubbie" Bailey, Twila Dempsey.

You are listening to the Minuet, (the music we danced to in the recital)

My Brother Jim's Class of 1961 at the Sinnemahoning grade school taken about 1953.Who can name all of them? Here's the ones we know FRONT ROW: Joe Cool-Ron Summerson-Sandy Swartz-Jim Cool-Bob Johnson (his dad ran the LLoyd Smith warehouse during the natural gas boom), Jim Bennett-Tom Burk- Barb Kupplewiser-Leah Delp-Linda Taylor SECOND ROW Bob Delp-Rick Johnson-Melvin (Butch) Keihl-Dave Kupplewiser-Francis Bushor-Sam Delp, behind Robert (Corky) Bushor-Vick Jordan-Fred Bushor-Rich Kupplewiser-Bob Kepler-Jane Best-not sure could be one of Patsy Young's kids. BACK ROW Sis (Charlotte) Haynes-Judy Keihl-Bob Jordan-Clair Wykoff-Sid Summerson-Charles (Bub) Haynes-Keith (Babe) Woomer.   Thanks to Jim Cool for helping identify them.


Me & brother Jim, jammin' at Christmas time 1950.

I graduated 2nd in the "Class of 1956" at Cameron County High School .

(All the others in the Class were ahead of me!)


That's me as a single guy (w/my leg raised) on a postcard taken in 1960 on the beach at Sinnemahoning State Park. Others in the pic.. Neil Woomer on the beach and Jim Cool in the chair.


My Lovely wife Doris K. Anderegg Bennett(1942-2000)

Could this be my long lost Civil War g-grandfather?


The Chicago gal I met and married ...Ursula at 17!

Ursula today.

It's just GREAT to be wanted!

Two pics of me at 17 years old while  in the USMC taken on the top of Mt. Etna near Catania, Sicily.

My Brother Bob with son Robbie<>Bob (L)  a sailor in 1946.

"You made the most of every day"

by Robert Bennett Jr. (Robbie)

If I could just go back in time

To help you hunt for one more dime

We'd find the treasure near the spot

Where we used to go a lot.

The little things you used to say

The photos of your wedding day

You always took the time to pray

You made the most of every day.

You were there when I was sad

You were there when I was glad

You were there when I was mad

I wish you were still here Dad.

We are sad that you are gone

Jesus Christ will lead you on

He will take you by the hand

And show you where the treasure's grand.

You took your lunch box to work each day

Now I have it tucked away

Life goes on so they say

I miss you more each passing day.

Our old movies sure were great

I watch them still but not too late

For a tear comes to my eye

I didn't get to say goodbye!

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