Corporal Ole Rasmuson
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 30 Jan 65-27 Jul 65

On information receive from his descend great-granddaughter.

  Thu, 25 May 2000 22:33:15 EDT
Hello Pete,
 I am a descendent of TWO soldiers from the Wisconsin 47th Regiment Company D.
I am the great-great-granddaughter of Tosten Nelson whom you have  already received 
confirmation on from Wayne D. Nelson.  Wayne is my mother's 2nd cousin. I also have a 
copy of the Certificate of Service document for Tosten that Wayne has mentioned.


 I am also the great-granddaughter of Ole Rasmuson (has also been spelled as Rasmusson) 
who was a Corporal.  I have a photocopy of his discharge papers. He was a volunteer enrolled on
 January 30, 1865 to serve one year and was mustered out on July 27, 1865 in 
Nashville, Tennessee. 
 "Ole Rasmus Bestul" was born June 2, 1841in Gjerpen, Norway and came with his 
parents and grandfather to America in 1853.


  He enlisted in the Army and went by the name of "Ole Rasmuson" while in the 
service as his father's name was Rasmus. (A common naming practice of Norway.) 
After returning home he married Maren Kvie Nelson who happened to be the daughter of 
Tosten Nelson as I mentioned earlier. They were married April 26, 1868 and had 12 children
(one of whom is my grandmother Emma)
 Ole and Maren are both buried at the Zion Cemetery in Scandinavia, Wisconsin. 
 Ole died June 6, 1930 at almost 90 years of age.
  Fri, 26 May 2000 01:25:05 EDT
Yes you have my permission to make a tribute page..  
If you desire a scanned copy of either of those documents let me know. Have you ever had someone be a 
descendent of two Civil War veterans from the same regiment?
  I thought that was somewhat unusual. I was very happy to find your website to gather more information about
 my ancestors' Civil War duty. 


 Renae Larson-Descendant great-granddaughter-also the great great granddaughter of  Tosten Nelson
Phoenix, AZ

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