Pete's October 1998 Article.

“Pennsylvania Towns” by Pete Bennett

Much has been written about Pennsylvania towns. But not much by me. So, I got out my handy PA map, compliments of Governor Ridge and found a lot of nice towns that I am recommending that you might consider visiting this fall. Now you won’t possibly be able to visit them all, but the ones you do visit I am sure you will find the colors of leaves will be fabulous, maybe even breathtaking. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Enjoy your trip!

Did you know that you don’t have to go to Russia to visit Moscow. There’s one right here in Pennsylvania and that’s not all, Athens and Rome are here too. We don’t have a New York City, but we do have a York. Just for fun I call it Old York!  Other well known places include Akron, Bangor, California, Dover, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Egypt, Geneva, Berlin, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Fayetteville, Georgetown and Nazareth. Nazareth is where they make those wonderful Martin Guitars. Want to go to the beach, you can go to Jersey Shore. Our Oakland’s football team is the Pitt Panthers. Our Etna has no volcano! Are there dikes in Holland, PA. Do they have races at Camptown? You don’t need to take a cruise to our Kingston and there is no Wabash River near our Indiana.

For your next Holiday try visiting Hollidaysburg. Everyone is at Home in Home, PA, there’s also a Homer City. Must be where the pigeons return to. No, that would be the town of Pigeon up near Lake City, which, by the way, has no lake! What do they use for money in Wampum? King of Prussia is just a place and not a person with a crown. I’ll tell you there is no lack of harmony in Harmony, PA and that they truly value there freedom in Freedom. Liberty has liberty and Oil City has oil, at least in the name.

Do you think there is a Ford dealership in Ford City? Does it cost anything to dock in Freeport? What do they grow in Garden City? Hope it’s not near Weedville! Is everyone considered a Turkey that lives in Turkey City? What can the news media dig up in Clintonville? Do they allow wooden horses in Troy? I’ll tell you there is nothing dull in Sharpsburg! I’d like to say “hello” to every lover in Lover. Are the rocks in Moon, PA called moon rocks?

Does Library, PA have one? Is Hatboro a town of hats? We all know where Grant, PA is in Elk County because I wrote about it. Of course it was named after the famous Civil War General U. S. Grant who visited there while he was President. Speaking of Presidents, there is a town in Clinton County named Clinton. Don’t suppose he ever visited there though. He might have been at Slickville, I think. Another town is Green Tree, near Pittsburgh and also a Cherry Tree in central PA. Also there is Fairhope and Fairchance. Wonder why no Fatchance. There’s a Smithport and a Smethport! How about Polk, Plumville or Cross Forks. I always wondered what a Shamokin Dam would look like. Clouds of smoke?

Ever hear of DuBois, Chicora, Galeton, Johnsonburg, Snow Shoe or Mansfield? Are they happy in Jollytown? How’s the view in Fairview? Fair! There’s also a Rochester, a McVeytown and a Mount Union. Some places named for women are Sharon, Hazen, Ashley, Lilly, Jeanette and the Holy One Saint Marys. Men’s names include Milton, Jerome, Chester, Lincoln, Glen Lyon, Glen Hope and Glen Campbell. Animal names are, Red Lion, Whitehorse, Buck Run, Beaver and Buffalo Run. There’s also a Trainer and a Sandpatch, PA. A Bath, PA is also on the map. Also there’s a Pocahontas and a Hooker!

Now you may think I’m running out of names! I’m not. Our Austin is not the capital of Texas. Did you know that Port Allegany is the first port of call on the Allegany River. Right up by the headwaters. How about Sergeant for a name, Betula or Huntley. Did you know that since 1992, Rathburn is a town within a City (Saint Marys).  Carman is a beautiful name. How about Renovo and Daguscahonda means (pure water). The name Vowinckle always got me. And there’s Rasselas, Dahoga and Hutchins.

I remember one time a guy from Ridgway got in pretty big trouble down in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Press ran a story about it and they identified him as being “from Ridgway, a small town about 10 miles south of Wilcox”. One time a map didn’t seem to help! I have not yet mentioned Sterling Run. I don’t know if there’s any silver there, but I recall the run used to be orange. Hope it’s better today. There’s a Trade City in Indiana County, Emporium, is the “center of trade” in Cameron County and Driftwood is still floating in the stream.

Then there is Sinnemahoning, my old hometown. It lost out on becoming a Cameron County borough because there were only two required to fulfill the legal ruling at the time. Emporium and Driftwood were already chosen.

I don’t know how many towns I’ve named in this article, but it’s quite a few. I think I’ve visited most of them. If your town didn’t get mentioned, don’t write an angry letter to the editor, because she just may ask me to write another article and mention the rest of the towns. That would be torture!

Well you know how it is, when I finally get to Sinnemahoning I must pause so, until next time....

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