A Scrap Book for the...

"Nashville Collection"


Country Music will never be the same because they were HOT!

Known as a band that pleased everyone, they DID just that.

And still are doing it.

Appearing at the Royal Inn (l-r Tom Doran, Jim Schatz, Pete, Jim Novosat & Romey Secco.

At the Kersey Community Building (l-r) Jim Schatz, Gary Dietz, Pete & Romey Secco.

Pictured Top (l-r) Jim Schatz, Tom Anderson, Romey Secco

Bottom (l-r) Jim Novosat, Pete Bennett and Denny Iorfida.

Organized in 1976 by Romey Secco and

Tom Anderson the band quickly became the favorite in the

Elk County, PA area appearing yearly as the Headliner at the "Elk County Fair".

Over a 20 year period (1976-1996) the band has had over 20 members.

Pictured is Pete Bennett performing in a show at the "Big Foot" Campground.

Pete played with the band from 1984 til 1993.

Pete & Romey about 1983. John Smith is the drummer.

Playing in Emporium in 1985:

l-r Tom Doran, Jim Shautz, Jim Novosat, Pete & Romey.

Benefits were always great fun!

Front (l-r) Jim Novosat, Tom Anderson

Back (l-r) Jim Schatz, Denny Iorfida, Pete Bennett and Romey Secco.

......Snaps above of Romey Secco, Pete Bennett, Gary Dietz, Jim Schatz and John Smith about 1982.

Through the Golden Years....

More members this time (l-r) Paul Fehrenbach, Joe Disque, Alice Disque & Romey in 1991.

Shown above (l-r) Todd Anderson, Jim Schautz, John Smith, Jennifer Secco,

Brian Herbstritt & Romey about 1990.

Romey in front of a monster truck before one of our big  Elk County Fair gigs.

Jim Schautz & Gary Dietz with banjo & guitar.

Here's another Nashville member I just found a picture of, Denny Iorfida. Nice guitar Denny. 

Jim Schatz playing his Show-Bud steel guitar.

Mel Tillis and Jim Schatz.

(l-r) Jim Schautz, Tom Anderson, Romey Secco, Tom Doran & Denny Iorfida.

My Buddy Romey Secco's cover pic from his latest CD.

 Romey on youtube  Click link below:

                                                                                  < http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=romey+secco&oq=romey+secco&gs_l=youtube.12.. >      

                             My dear friend Romey Secco passed away on January 1st 2019.  He was a wonderful friend, may he now Rests in Peace.

Here are the names of ALL the members of the Nashville Collection.


Romey Secco, Tom Anderson, Jim Schatz, Gary Dietz, Dick Pichler, Tom Doran, Jesse Claycomb, Don Sestina, Todd Anderson, Brian Herbstritt,

Kevin Dippold, Jim Novosat, .John Smith, Joe Disque, Alice Disque, Denny Iorfida, Paul Fehrenbach, Don Claypool, Joe Salvatore, Kevin Uhl,

Gary Walters, Pete Bennett and one little girl who appeared. often with the band, Jennifer Secco, who is Romey's daughter.

Send me any names I may have missed please.

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