Corporal Alexander McFarland
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 28 Jan 65-4 Sep 65

On information receive from a contentious Civil War buff.

Date : Sat 4/03/10 11:48 PM

Hi Pete,
    I've always been a Civil War buff and I came across an old Headstone in 'Riverview Cemetery' at Centerville, South Dakota. I'm not a relative nor do I have any idea who he was. I was curious about his service so I googled the 47th Wis. and found him on the roster and hence to your site. His name and outfit were still legible:  Corp. A.B. McFarland-enlisted from Utica
                                                                                                47 Wis. Inf.

                                                     Craig Bak- Contentious Civil War buff

webmasters note:

webmasters note I emailed Craig to thank him:

Hi Craig,
Thank you  being so contentious and notifying me about finding the grave of Corporal McFarland of the 47th.  I started my tribute site for the 47th Wisconsin in 1997 to find as many of the soldiers of the outfit that I could and it has turned into quite an adventure to say the least.  I make a tribute biography of each individual found and so far I've been notified of 53 Officers or enlisted personal so far. May I ask you if it is OK to use your email address as a contact should any page visitors wish more information on the individual. I will make a tribute page to Corp. McFarland and he will have his tribute here?  Thanks also for your interest in the Civil War.  It was a terrible time in our nations history.
If you respond I will notify you when the page is up.
Yours Sincerely,
Pete  Bennett-webmaster 47 Wis. Tribute site

He responded that it was alright to use his email address as requested  and added, ON WISCONSIN!



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