Pete's May 2001 Article.

Pete & Ursula at Ft. Myers Beach, FL

"How I met U" by Pete Bennett

It was a sunny and warm day, not in summer, as you may think, but in the deep of winter. It was about 85 degrees, there in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida.

I had ridden my brothers wife's bicycle to the pool for a refreshing dip. Sounds romantic so far doesn't it? Oh, I forgot to say that my brother was also with me, riding his bicycle. He was going for a dip too.

He said, I have to stop over on the next street to tell Ursula about the dinner reservations for tonight. I said, who's Ursula'? Well I was about to find out who Ursula was and my brother swears this was not planned! We parked our bikes by a small mobile home and he knocked on the screen door. The next thing I know, there she was! As big as life! Ursula! My first thought was,' She is Wonderful'!

Meet my little brother from Pennsylvania, he said. She batted her eyelashes in front of those beautiful blue eyes and said, "Hi". She is Wonderful! That's all there was to it, now I'm getting married and I'm trying to figure out what it was that I did wrong, or right, to deserve the attention of such a lovely person. You see... Ursula and I are now engaged to be married! I guess you can figure from the way I said it, I am elated. Really I am. She is Wonderful!

Ursula is a Saint! No, not like the one in the Catholic church...well...maybe, because she is a member of the Catholic church and her christened name is Veronica also like the Saint of that name....I guess that makes her a double saint doesn't it? What I mean to say is.......she's a of all....betrothed to ME! Wowwwie! You might say, I've lost it, but then again a lot of people have thought I'd lost it a long time ago. Anyway, Im in love. There's no way around it. Wowwwie!!! She is Wonderful!

Now my brother has and I'm visiting him in Florida and I am not very excited about webtv(I didn't tell him that) and I need to check my email several times a day as ...I get a lot of email. Get the picture yet? ...Ursula has a beautiful computer staring at me through the open I say to brother has and I'm visiting him here in Florida and I am not very excited about webtv.....and I need to check my email several times a day I get a lot of email. She can come over here anytime you'd like and use my computer. invitation......Wowwwie....a computer to use....Wowwwie...a Lady to go to dinner with.....Wowwwie a fiancée to be engaged to...are you getting the picture yet? She is Wonderful!

I'm not through yet...... Her name is Ursula Veronica Stewart and I proposed to this Lady by email(150 email addresses), on the internet. She is Wonderful! And...she's also a person who certainly knows what to say at the right times......because......she said "Yes"! She is Wonderful!

That is why I had to share this story of how I met Ursula with you, my Loyal Readers! Lets see... I had 150 on the email list and with you readers that will add another 10.....or so that should be a total of about 160 that I've shared the news far.

Wowwwie! Ursula Veronica (I call her U every once in a while...but never hey U) was born many moons ago in Chicago, IL, she is a little bit older then me but, what difference does that make at this stage of our lives. We both have grown children, her with one and me with two. And grand children, her with two and me with five. I also have a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law. She also has a daughter-in-law. Guess that stands to reason. I, incidentally, was born on her birthday of January 17th. Now I know one other famous person was also born on this date and that was Benjamin Franklin. Lets see, he was that guy who was fooling around with electricity wasn't he? Well, I guess, in a way, that's what I'm doing. Right?......Fooling around with electricity....... Ursula is a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, spending her summers in Hamilton, Ontario where she occasionally works as a tour guide for that city, and she spends her winters in sunny Florida where she will be showing me around from now on. By the way, if you know any reason, why this Lady should not be joined with me, speak now or forever Ho Da Ta. She is Wonderful ! I'm not going to listen to you anyway. She is the kind of Lady that people cross the room just to say hello to. They all like to hug her, because she's so huggable. I kept looking to see if she was secretly giving away fifty dollar bills....or What. She wasn't. She plays the violin. I sorta like the fiddle myself...then again that's what I'm always doing right , fiddling around! She is Wonderful! And most of all, SHE WANTS ME! Hee Hee! I am astounded, amazed, excited, exasperated and exuberated all at once. She is Wonderful!

As you can see I've totally been taken back by Ursula and her by me. Someone asked me the other day if I wasn't rushing it a bit....and I answered them with...."You Bet I am"! I'm sure not going to let HER get away......... She is Wonderful! Amen and Amen! God Bless you all, I hope you have enjoyed this true life story about meeting my future wife and I hope you will watch for my next effort at writing, next month right here in the Eagle Hills Word. I've just GOT to settle down first! If you'd like you can email me at: Ursula will be somewhere nearby.  Or visit my Home Page at: .

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