Pete's July 1996 Article.

"The Perfect Anniversary Card" by Pete Bennett

On June 3, 1996 my lovely wife Doris and I celebrated our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. It wasn't our Silver or our Golden Anniversary, so what could be so special about it? Along with "dinner out," we received from our wonderful son and daughter and their families a card with the following verse inscribed on it:


are those wonderful people

who want our lives to be

happy and complete.

They laugh our laughter,

cry our tears

and dream our dreams.

And are always ready

to give their encouragement

and support.

No matter how grown up

we may become,

no matter where we go in life

or what we do,

we never outgrow

our parents love.

The night we received the card, I read it and laid it aside. Later after the festivities, at a quieter moment, I re-read the verse on the card and this time I found a lot more meaning in it. It caused me to pause and reflect on my own parents love and how much I had received from them through out my life.

You know, often times, in its passing( life I mean) we don't really stop to consider what our parents are giving us. My father and mother, long since gone, raised a family of nine children, seven boys and two girls born between the years 1921 and 1942. A rough time period to be raising a large family. During those years our country suffered a great depression and two world wars. Dad worked for the WPA and later held numerous low paying jobs. Lift that rail, shovel that ditch, hoe that field, bend that back! Sounds like music doesn't it? Then there was our precious mother, cleaning, washing, sewing, cooking and teaching! Same song! I still remember her hands. Believe me they were not the manicured hands you wished your mother would have. But, she never complained.

Somehow, together, they did it. They raised that family and we all survived and there are still seven of us living today. Four living right here in this area. I remember how they saved for years, putting money aside here and there, to buy our first refrigerator. Wow, how new and shiny it looked. Then in June of 1942 the flood waters of the mighty First Fork took away our home and all its worldly contents. But still, with the help of God, good neighbors and the Red Cross they pulled us through.

In all this time, did I ever send them a card on their anniversary? Yes! Did I ever tell them I loved them? Sure I did! Did I tell them and show them enough love? No way! It seemed like there just wasn't enough time in those days to say those kind of things. Now it's too late. But let's not be sad. Isn't this the way life is? Doesn't this happen every day not just to me but to you too? To everyone?

It doesn't have to be and it shouldn't be. We only get one mother and one father you know. When is the last time you talked with your parents, called them, helped them or hugged them? Tomorrow it may just too late. Tomorrow comes quickly you know. Why not do it today, right now before you forget? Do it now, while they're just around the corner, a short drive or a phone call away. Someday you will be glad you did. They will be glad today! My wife and I were!

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. The verse on the inside of the card:


Mother and Dad...

for all you've given,

for all you've meant,

for all you are.


And now We say, Thanks Kids,

Signed Your Very Loved Parents


P. S. And also thanks to Hallmark. Everyone should receive a card just like this one!

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