2nd Lt. John Mitchell Estes
Co. "A" 47th Wisconsin Volunteers 18 May 65- Sep 65

On information receive from his descendant great grandson.

Wed, 24 Nov 1999 12:58:40

Hi Pete!

You are so quick to respond. I'm a great  grandson of 2nd Lt. John Mitchell Estes of the 47th. I have no problem with my address being listed. I have bios and a couple of pictures if anyone is interested. John actually enlisted in the 23rd Wisconsin in August of 1862 and was promoted into the 47th in early 1865. He saw much action in the western campaigns and the siege of Vicksburg. His older brother, 2nd Lt. Ren Estes of the 7th Wisconsin, was involved in all the major eastern battles and the wounds he incurred at Gettysburg forced him to resign. John was a prosperous farmer in Wisconsin after the war and was sheriff of Dane County, WI in the 1880's. Ren retired to Milwaukee, WI where he taught school. Thanks again for the quick response.

Hi Pete!

Your "displayed mail" format is really the preferred way to do it. All the contact information is there for anyone that is interested in additional information.


I have attached a photo of him when he was a US representative to the 1893 Columbian Expedition. This way you get to see a man that could possibly have been one of your ancestor's associates. It's not a very good picture, but I only have a couple.

Thanks again,

Russ Hanson-great grandson

Born Stoughton, WI-now in FL

Thu 28 Jun 2001


Hi Pete!

Nothing is new regarding John Mitchell Estes as of now.  However, I found another relative, Henry Martin, who served with John in the 23rd.  To the best of my knowledge, Henry became ill and died while at Vicksburg.  I guess it wasn't all that uncommon. I can really get involved in this Civil War history.  I even have a cannon ball that John removed from a tree at Vicksburg. 

Well, thanks for the quick response.

  Russ Hanson


Sunday June 5, 2005

Hi Pete ! 

 I don't know if you're still collecting pictures or not, but I am sending you a much better picture of

John and his wife, Martha, that I found.  Hope things are going well for you

  Russ Hanson

John &  Martha Estes




Hi Pete!


  I don't know if you are still actively collecting information on the soldiers of the 47th, but I'd like to pass along a letter from a young student at Beloit College where John Mitchell Estes went to school.  John wrote the letter to a former teacher/friend and it summarizes his Civil War Activities nicely.  Also, I would like to correct an error on my part in a previous message.  John was my great grandfather.  Hope things are going well for you. 


  Russ Hanson

webmasters note:

Here is a link to the Archives at Beloit College where you can read the very interesting letter written by John Estes about his Civil war experiences:



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