Musician Jabez Thomas
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 24 Jan 65-4 Sep 65
On information received from his descendant great-great-niece.
Note: (The Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers does not list a Rank for Jabez)

Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 10:50PM
Hi:  I was just on your civil war website.  My Uncle Jabez
was in the 47th Infantry Company K, out of Platteville
Wisconsin, Grant County, in the Civil War.  I have been trying
to locate a picture of this unit and have been unable to do so.
Do you have any idea where I could obtain this type of photo.
Let me know if any suggestions you may have.  You have a great
Diane-great great niece

Note: I requested more information and in an email Reply I received the following from Diane:
Sat, 1 Apr 2006 11:11 PM

Hi Pete:
I have some information for you on my Great Great Uncle Jabez
Jabez served with the 47th Infantry, Company K and
(Certificate of Service) says he enlisted from Smelser,
, but I know he went to Platteville, Wisconsin to
enlist on January 24, 1865. He was a musician according to the
certificate.    Jabez was mustered out of service on September 4,
We have 3 original letters from Jabez during his time in
Tullahoma-2 were to his parents and 1 was to his brother,
William Thomas
, who also served in the Civil War, but I don't
have any information on William regarding his enlistment, but I
am trying to obtain it.   Jabez passed away at the age of 50 from
   He operated a mill in Big Patch with his father
after the war, a very small part of the old mill still survives
today.    If you would like a picture of Jabez, a picture of his
tomb stone, or typed copies of his civil war letters, I would be
happy to share this with you for the sight.

My email is accessible by clicking on my name below.

I will continue to look for a picture of Company K, 47th
Infantry from Wisconsin.

Diane Genthe- Great great Niece
Platteville, WI


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