Private Isaac Marsielje
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 3 Feb 65-4 Sep 65

On information compiled by a thoughtful person .

Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 09:58:13 -0500


Hi Pete,

While in a cemetery Cedar Grove, Wisconsin where we were burying my wife's grandfather, I saw the grave of Isaac Marsielje.  I think it's called the Cedar Grove Cemetery (there is only one inside town at any rate). It's a rather small cemetery for a small town, but it's in the "middle" somewhere. The marker must have been replaced recently because it looks pretty new. It's reddish, in the middle, there are other Marsielje's who are nearby (as well as Neerhof's). The gravestone has a little star next to it indicating he fought in the Civil War, as well as underneath his name it says "Co. X 47th Regiment". I thought it was company K, but I could be wrong, or he could have been moved around. I was at a funeral so I didn't write anything down. Upon visiting your website you mentioned that you wanted all information on the 47th Infantry reported to you no matter how trivial.

If you create a bio for him, you may use my name/email/phone number as a contact. If any relative wants to visit the grave I can give them instructions and help them find it. Or email a digital camera picture too. I'm willing to be helpful because I'd hope people would return the favor if they should ever find a relative of mine who was buried far away.

Ben Dolfin-A Thoughtful Person

 FOOTNOTE: Further investigation revealed that Isaac was in Company "F" of the 47th . His enlistment was in Holland the Township in which he is buried .

I thank Ben for his thoughtfulness in bringing Isaac's name and resting place to my attention. Another 47th Infantry Volunteer found!


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