Corp.  Henry W. Royer
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 10 Feb 1865-04 Sep 65
On information received from a concerned Wisconsin citizen.

Sent : Tuesday, November 8, 2005 10:23 PM

Hi Pete,

Just wanted to tell you that over this past weekend we installed

3 headstones for veterans of Co. A, 47th WI Inf. They are:

Corp. William McKinley - enlisted at Winchester, WI, 2/11/1865;

mustered out9/4/1865.

Corp. Henry W. Royer - enlisted at Winchester, WI, 2/10/1865;

mustered out 9/4/1865.

Pvt. Daniel Zehner (Zahner) - enlisted at Medina, WI, 2/10/1865; mustered

out 9/15/1865.

All three are buried in the Royer Cemetery in the Town of

Clayton, Winnebago County, WI. Attached is a photo of us putting in Henry Royer's marker.


Vince says that's me kneeling in front of the marker. The other two camp

members who assisted were Don Blaney (standing left), and Don Jager

(standing, hands on marker).

Here is the newly installed Headstone for Henry W. Royer


Incidentally, it was William McKinley who originally donated the

land to establish the Royer Cemetery. He had been given the land by his

father-in-law Isaac Royer, who was also the father of Henry W. Royer.

Take care,

Vince Barker-A Concerned Citizen

Old Abe Camp #8, Sons of Union Veterans

Dept. of Wisconsin

Lieut. Colonel Vince Barker

OIC, Mobilizing Unit In processing Center (MUIC)

Ft. McCoy, WI

Webmasters Note: 

 There are three people who have contributed greatly to this website.

They are Kim J. Heltemes, Vince Barker and Jim Waid, who are members of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Camp # 8 (SUVCW) have been very helpful in sending me information (and photos of stones) that they have discovered in Cemeteries in Wisconsin of veterans of the 47th, Regiment.. The organization keeps a database of this information and make it available to all who may be searching for Civil War Ancestors who might have been in military units from that state or soldiers who may be interred there. They are a real blessing to us who are researching the 47th, Regiment and Civil War History. They not only discover the information but also honor the soldiers by replacing broken or missing headstones and clearing their gravesites. They all deserve a big thank you from us. Thank You guys!

To find out more about the Wisconsin SUVCW and what they do, visit their site by clicking the link I've provided below. Then for this unit, go to the Wisconsin Camps and choose Camp# 8. They're a great group of guys!

You may also contact Kim , Vince or Jim directly for any questions that you might have. Just click on their name.

Here is the link to the Wisconsin SUVCW site.

Further: The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) is a volunteer, non-profit, patriotic and educational organization similar to the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) and is officially recognized as its legal successor. Founded in 1881 by sons of Civil War veterans, the SUVCW today has over 6,000 members.


I wrote to Vince Barker and asked him if he would put into words what it is that he and Jim Wade and several others there in Wisconsin do, in the way of finding and replacing veterans headstones and who they do it for and also an explanation of his military rank in that regard...below is his thoughtful reply:

Hi Pete,

Jim Waid, Kim Heltemes, Don Strube, and myself are all members

of Old Abe Camp # 8, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

One of the many activities/projects that the SUVCW conducts is

graveside dedications for Union Veterans. In most cases this

occurs when a new marker is placed on the veteran's grave. Some

of us in the SUVCW, and in our camp particularly, have taken a

special interest in locating Civil War veteran's graves (this

includes Confederates - and as a member of the Sons of

Confederate Veterans as well, I am very interested in this), and

obtaining headstones for those veterans that need them. We all

feel that as descendants of these veterans, we have a special

and unique connection to them, and Civil War veterans, for the

most part, have been forgotten by most Americans, and many of

their graves do not have the proper military markers. This is

truly a shame since the Civil War was such a pivotal event in

our nation's history. As Shelby Foote said, it was

the "crossroads of our being...and it was one hell of a

crossroads". Those boys endured hardships that we today cannot

even imagine. So, for all these reasons, we have taken a

special interest in, and very much enjoy, marking their graves,

as well as documenting all CW gravesites that we find on the

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War National Graves

Registration Database.


As for my military history, I am a Major in the US Army Reserve,

and have been mobilized on active duty for the better part of 3

years. I spent a few months in Kuwait back in 2003-04 in

support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have been here at Ft.

McCoy, WI, since May 2004. I live only 2 hours away in Appleton

so I get home most weekends. I am taking battalion command

later this summer and should pin on Lieutenant Colonel later

this fall sometime. I also spent 3 years in the Marine Corps

right after high school, before I went to college.

Vince recently wrote(7/27/09):

I was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in Dec. 2006.  I am finishing up battalion command now and will deploy to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division in September 2009.

On 09/09/09: Vince was inducted into the NSSAR (National Society Sons of the American Revolution) which has taken over four years to complete. Congratulations again Vince on that accomplishment.

Note: Vince will deploy to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division in September 2009. Good luck Vince we're all praying for your safe return. GOD'S SPEED FRIEND!

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