I had been writing articles for the Highland Gazette magazine since May of 1996 when it ceased publication in November of 1997 after 18 Great issues and I sure do miss it! I since then I have commenced writing for another magazine, The Eagles Hills Word which  is somewhat similar to the former. See below.

My Newest Article 2004

Created to introduce you to my newly found Canadian Cousin, Walker Everett Tisdale.

 Sep 2004-"My Canadian Cousin"


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The Articles I wrote  in 1997-Pete Bennett
December-1997-"This Christmas....look in your attic!" (never published)

November-1997-"Those Famous Bucktails"

October-1997-“The Guy who lives up the Street” (Revisited)

September-1997-"Driftwood, PA"

August -1997"Keystone Marines 1997 Picnic"

July 1997-( never published)

June-1997-"the Barclay Lumber Mill"

May-1997-"In Honor of a President-Grant, PA"

April-1997-"The Woods have grown silent"

March-1997( Didn't get published by the Gazette)

February 1997-"Outlaw David Lewis Terrorized this Area"

January-1997-"Victoria Claflin Woodhull"

1996 Articles:

December 1996-"A 1940's Christmas"

November 1996-"Robbers Loot Hidden Near Kinzua Bridge"

October 1996-"The Guy Who Lives Up the Street"

September-1996-"That Glorious Internet"

August-1996-"I've Been Around"

July 1996-"The Perfect Anniversary Card"

June 1996-( No article published)

May 1996- "The Village of Sinnemahoning, PA"

I hope you enjoy reading all my articles.

Unfortunately the owner Ceased Publication November of 1997.

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