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On June 24, 2012 a Battle of Frenchmanís Creek Reenactment (at Frenchmanís Creek on the  Niagara Blvd. in Fort Erie as part of the Bicentennial Celebration of the War of 1812.  Pete Bennett& his wife Ursula attended and Pete was ask to lay one of the four wreathes as part of the Dedication & Wreath laying Ceremony.


Below are pictures of Pete laying the wreath and later with his wife near the Monument there:

Others in the Picture include Robert Clendenning & Kell Svenningsen (right) an 1812 Battle Reenactor with the Norfolk Militia.

Pete is a descendant of John Wyckoff killed at the battle and Robert Clendenning a descendant of Adam Glendenning also killed at the battle.

Pete is descended from the union of Peter Wyckoff and Catherine Plato and after Peter's death Catherine married James Clendenning Jr. who Robert is a descendant of. Two descendant of a union from over 200 years ago.


From the website:


Sunday, June 24th, 2012


Battle of Frenchmanís Creek Reenactment (at Frenchmanís Creek and Niagara Blvd.)


10:00 am         1812 encampment open to the public

1:00 pm           Dedication and wreath laying at Frenchmanís Creek monument

1:30 pm           VIPs will review the troops

2:00 pm           Battle of Frenchmanís Creek Reenactment begins

2:45 pm           Battle ends

4:00 pm           1812 encampment closed


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