Corporal Charles E. Cox
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 01 Feb 65-4 Sep 65
 On information receive from his descend great-grandson.
on information amassed by his father.

Date :Sun 10/26/08 4:43 PM

My name is Charles Eugene Cox. I currently live in Oswego, Il. I moved to Illinois in January 2006.
My father Charles Edward Cox, Jr. recently passed away and I inherited his genealogical information on the family. As I was reading through his information, and I remember speaking to him about it, I saw that two of my relatives had enlisted in two separate Wisconsin regiments. John Cox in the 29th and Charles E. Cox in the 47th.
Out of curiosity I googled 47th Wisconsin and saw your web site. I have attached information that my father had accumulated on both John and Charles for your use.
I would like to receive any additional information you may have on either of these two ancestors.

Charles E. Cox-Great Grandson


1. CHARLES EDWARD COX Corporal Co E, 47 Infantry, Wisconsin, Enlisted in Troy, Wisconsin, 25 miles South of Milwaukee.

          Enlisted 01 Feb 1865                                         mustered out, 04 Sep 1865

     CHARLES EDWARD COX was in Milwaukee In 1860. He returned to New Orleans and married THERESA NAEGELIN (NAGLIN) 21 Nov 1866. At the time of Enlistment he would have been 20 years old and would have one year out of service before marrying. As you will notice he enlisted in the Union Army, in Troy, Wisconsin, about 25 Miles south of Milwaukee, as he probably expected to return to New Orleans after the war.

Further information on the Cox Family included with this email:

JOHN COX III married MARY ANN GATNER 17 Jul 1742 Dustin Stepney, London England. JOHN III was born 14 Sep 1810, St Marylebone, London, England. He was christened 29 Sep 1810 St Mary Catholic Church, St Marylebone, London, England. MARY ANN was born 17 Sep 1920, St Marylebone, London England. She was christened 04 Oct 1820 St Mary Catholic Church, St Marylebone, London England. Her father was JOHN GAYNER and mother was LYDIA. Shortly after the marriage JOHN and MARY ANN left England and migrated to the United States of America. They arrived in Philadelphia, U.S.A. in the lather part of 1842. For one reason or another CHARLES, JOHN IIIʼS brother arrived in Mississippi in 1842. They traveled on different ships, but probably planed to meet in New Orleans, as CHARLES was listed in the 1842 New Orleans City Directory. JOHN III did not make the New Orleans City Directory until 1843. JOHN III and MARY ANN settled down and had their children. On 03 Jun 1844 a son CHARLES EDWARD COX was born (my Great Grandfather). He was christened 12 June 1844, St Maryʼs Catholic Church, French Quarters, New Orleans, La. In 1847 they had another son named JOHN IV and in 1853 a girl, MARY ANN COX. MARY ANN GAYNER went to work as a washer woman at a home for children (House of Refuge), 38 kids, all male, ranging in age, 7 years old to 18 years old. It was located at 2419 Burgundy Street. JOHN III was a salesman this lasted until they opened a Grocery Store located at 286 Gravier St (in 1851 and 1852). Sometime prior to 1860, JOHN III packed up and went north to Newport, Lake County, Illinois. There he left the three children in care of his brother (CHARLES). He along with his wife MARY ANN returned to New Orleans sold the grocery and left New Orleans (between June and December 1860) They returned to Newport, picked up the children and went on to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They lived there until after the Civil War.


     At this time I am checking the Service Records of the Following:


1. JOHN COX        Private     Co F, 29 Infantry, Wisconsin, Enlisted in Milford, Wisconsin, 25 miles west of Wisconsin.

            Enlisted 19 Aug 1862                                mustered out, 22 Jun 1865  


   JOHN III and his wife MARY ANN GAYNER, Arrived in Milwaukee between June

 8, 1862 and Dec 1862, from New Orleans, La. They had stopped long enough to pick up

Their children, CHARLES EDWARD, JOHN IV, MARY ANN,  the children had been staying at his brother's farm (UNCLE CHARLIE), in Newport, Lake County, Illinois. JOHN III was born 14 Sep 1810, London, England. Although on a birth Certificate for CHARLES E COX, he is listed as being as (of County Longford, Ireland). At the time of enlistment he would have been 51 years old. He was back in New Orleans in 1865. He enlisted in Milford, Wisconsin, about 25 miles west of Milwaukee, in the Union Army.  Once again because he expected to return to New Orleans.


2. JOHN COX           Private      Co B, 3rd Infantry, Wisconsin   Enlisted in Fredonia, Wisconsin, 25 miles north of Milwaukee.

      Enlisted 26 Jan 1865                                    mustered out, 18 Jul 1865


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