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"The Country Cousins"

                                                                                         Band members: (l-to-r) Pete Bennett, Gregg Signor, Kenny Brown, Bob Boyer.

Pardon me, where's the Ladies Room.?

Tom Russell on bass and Pete Bennett in 1970, can't recall the drummer, email if you know him please email me, he was from Port Alleghany.


The "Country Cousins" band was formed in Emporium, PA in 1969 from former members of the Country Group "Endless Mountain Boys" and included the following members:

Cousin, Pete Bennett - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Comedy
Cousin, Bob Boyer - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Cousin, Kenny Brown - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Cousin, Greg Signor - Drums (a  friend, now deceased)  
                                                                                           Cousin, Andy Weis-Drums: Our first drummer at 16 years old is now a Professional Drummer in Monterey, CA
Our first Drummer Andy at 16 years old.                 

                                        Other members of the "Endless Mountain Boys" were:   


Bill Hunt - Rhythm Guitar (a  friend, now deceased) Left side in pic.
Al Neyman - Drum-(a  friend now deceased) Third from Left in Pic.

The Band played regularly every Saturday night at "Danny's Austin Tavern", at Austin, PA from 1969 to 1972 and also played many Wedding Dates in that time-period appearing at many activities throughout the Cameron and Potter County area. We also made traveling engagements to Elk, Clearfield, Centre, McKean and York Counties. If you heard the Country Cousins you will probably remember them as a "fun loving" group that usually had more fun then their audiences. No, we were not really Cousins but, often called each other that.

In 1972 the original group broke up and it was reorganized in 1973 under the same name in the Kersey, PA area with members:

Cousin, Pete Bennett - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Comedy
Cousin, Jim "Animal" Kronenwetter - Lead Guitar & Vocals              
                                                                                                                                                 Cousin,    .Jim Novosat - Drums & Vocals
The Band played throughout the Elk, Cameron and Potter County Area until about 1977.
If you remember the Country Cousins and would care to reminisce, please contact me at my email address below. I'm also looking for pictures.  Thanks!
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