Private Charles J. Trude
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 4 Feb 65-4 Sep 65

On information received from his descendant great great grandniece.

Tuesday 05/03/2005 7:05:40am

Name: Laura Rouse (Willis)

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Your Location: Rhineland, WI

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Your Comments: I have visited your site and found my gr gr grandfather Charles F. Trude was with the 47th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

He enlisted 27 Feb-1865 He had an  honorable discharge on 4-Sep-1865.

Would you add him to your list???

Thank You,

 Laura- gr great grndaughter


webmasters note:

Upon checking the archives of the

 Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers,
War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865

 I find a Charles "J."( not F.) Trude who was a member of Company K of the 47th Regt and was from Lima, WI. 

Could this be the Charles F. Trude who is her gr great grandfather?  Also this Charles' enlistment date is listed as 4 Feb 1865 and not the 27 Feb 1865 that you quote. I also find him listed in a section called "Not on Company Recruitment Rolls". and I truly do not know what that represents.....Pete

After contacting Ms. Willis about this she responded:

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 9:57 PM

I am sorry about the mistake with dates I gave
you, and yes it is the same person they made a
mistake with his middle initial.

According to the research of
Grace Edie DeTrude Crooks the information is
right, he was a private in the war.

 Laura- great great granddaughter

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