Private Andrew J. Greeley
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 03 Feb 65- 13 Sep 65

On information from Concerned Citizen, Kim J. Heltemes

Hi Pete,

Well, I have been "digging again" and came up with some more boys of the 47th. I've attached them. Hope you can get them - if you don't, just let me know. I'll send them individually if needed.

Hillsboro Cemetery - Hwy 80, south side of Hillsboro, WI

Boscobel Cemetery - Cleveland Street, Boscobel, WI .

Kim-A Concerned Citizen member Wisconsin SUVCW #8


                        Andrew Greeley's Headstone


webmasters note: Kim J. Heltemes, Vince Barker and Jim Waid, members of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Camp # 8  (SUVCW) have been very helpful in sending me information (and photos) that they have discovered in Cemeteries in Wisconsin.  The organization keeps a database of this information and make it available to all who may be searching for Civil War Ancestors who might have been in military units from that state or soldiers who may be interred thereThey are a real blessing to us who are researching Civil War History.  They not only discover the information but also honor the soldiers by replacing broken or missing headstones and clearing their gravesites.  They all  deserve a big thank you from from all of us.  Thank You guys!

To find out more about the Wisconsin SUVCW and what they do, visit their site by clicking the link I've provided below.  Then for this unit, go to the  Wisconsin Camps and choose Camp# 8.  They're a great group of guys!

You mal also contact Kim , Vince or Jim directly for any questions that you might have.  Just click on their name.

Here is the  link to the Wisconsin SUVCW site.

Further: The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) is a volunteer, non-profit, patriotic and educational organization similar to the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) and is officially recognized as its legal successor. Founded in 1881 by sons of Civil War veterans, the SUVCW today has over 6,000 members.

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