Private Augustus Grossman
47th Wisconsin Volunteers 23 Jan 65-4 Sep 65
On information received from his descendant g-g-granddaughter.


 Thurs, 10 April 2003

Hi - I have a name I would like added to the information on your webpage:
Augustus Grossman, Residence, Medina, Date, Feb 10, 1865, Private
This information is from the Wis. Historical Society information and the roster they have listed.
August(us) was my great-great-grandfather.
Bonnie Selig


Sat, 19 Apr 2003 12:16:20 -0500

HI, Pete

 I do not have a lot of information about my great-great grandfather, Augustus Grossman, but will be happy to share what I know:

In the History of Outagamie County, Wisconsin, by Thomas H. Ryan,(Editor-in-Chief), Goodspeed Historical Association (Chicago),
1911, (pages 908-909) appeared the following:
(August and Louisa Grossman) came to this country as young
people and were married in Appleton, shortly after which they came to Dale
, where Mr. Grossman purchased 120 acres of raw land.  After he built a
log cabin house, 16x24 feet and a log barn, Mr. Grossman settled down to
clear his land, and later added forty acres to his original purchase,
having at the time of his retirement, in 1897, seventy acres of the 160 under

He died in Dale in 1908, aged eighty-seven years, and his widow
still survives and resides in that plac
e.  Mr. Grossman enlisted in
Company A,
Forty-seventh Wisconsin Volunteers, in 1865
, and his burial was
conducted by
the Grand Army of the Republic.

Augustus Grossman was born Aug 29, 1820, in Wiesenbach, Germany,
and married Louisa Herbst in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1855They relocated to
Dale, Wisconsin, and had eight childrenHe died Jan 25, 1908, and is
buried in the Dale Union Cemetery, Dale, Outagamie Co., Wisconsin

Bonnie Selig-great great granddaughter.

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