Jim Bennett's Finds in 2007

My brother Jim Bennett had a very interesting metal detecting year in 2007
finding over $2100.00 in cold cash. Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters that is!
Jim who lives in Emporium, PA in the summer months and Florida in the winter,
 found his "cash" while hunting in those areas.  He lives and loves metal detecting is literally
out in the field every day, jokingly calling it his fun job since retiring in 2005. In 2006 he found
over $1400.00 and this year was determined to break his own record.  He uses a tumbler
 to clean the money( except the rare stuff) so that he can put it in the bank.
 Jim uses an older Whites Eagle II model detector mostly for hunting although he also owns a Whites DFX.


Below is a listing and count of his loot:


34 Rings

$5.15 in Silver

1.77 in Wheat pennies

16.00 in gold dollars

4.50 in halves

1312.50 in quarters

624.90 in dimes

79.45 in nickels

94.86 in pennies.

1 five dollar bill

2 one dollar bills

total coins= 22,599

Total Cash Value: $2149.21

The Pictures:

All those Pennies.

Lots of Dimes.

Quarters too

All Cleaned Ups.

The Rings.

All the Loot and it totals 22,599 coins.

Jim with all his money and Whites EagleII detector.

Jim is a great brother!


He's still hunting and his totals since 2007 are as follows:

 2008 his finds=$2,385.33

 2009 his finds-$2,542.29 ..looks like a steady increase...or is it getting easier?

His lifetime total he figures at $12,854.90.  Wow Jim!

Jim and his 2009 loot.

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