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"A thoughtful mind, when it sees a Nation's flag, sees not the flag only, but the Nation itself;

and whatever may be it's symbols, it's insignia, he reads chiefly in the flag the government, the principles,

the truths, the history which belongs to the Nation that sets it forth." .....Henry Ward Beecher


My name is Pete Bennett.  Welcome to my page. I am interested in the following Hobbies and I  invited you to contact me about any of them.

 Genealogy, Metal Detecting, the American Civil War, Pennsylvania History, My Writing, Country Music, My Hometown, Sinnamahoning, PA., and Stuff I share.

You may Click on my name or Click on any underlined links for  Information and Pictures about me and my family.   Click here to read my Profile.

Intro to my Page:

On September 1st 2001, I married a wonderful Canadian/American Lady named Ursula and now live on the Niagara Frontier, Canadian side.

 I became a Canadian Citizen on September 22nd 2013 and I am now a dual Citizen of two Great Countries as is my wife.

My All American Page will now updated from Canada and Florida .

Here is a link to Niagara Fall Tourism at Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Our winter home is in Fort Myers Beach, Florida so watch for links to both places.

There will be many  American" links on this  Page as well as many" Canadian" Links eh?

As  a Dual citizen I now have responsibilities in both countries.

A Good Question: Is there a Fourth of July in Canada? Yes there is!  Right there on our Calendar.

Click to see our Place on the Niagara Frontier or visit our Black Creek Leisure Home Community.

Canadian FlagStrictly Cnadian links, eh...Canadian Flag

Read about my "Canadian Cousin" I found.

 Read about another "Canadian Cousin" that I have found.

Click if you're interested in the War of 1812.

The War of 1812 at History

Click to see how we Settled the War of 1812.

Click for the "Niagara Falls Review" our Newspaper.

Click to read Pete's story about the "Niagara Escarpment".




My Genealogy here including these Lines in Pennsylvania: ANDEREGG, BENNETT, BROOKS, BURROUS CLARK, GORE, HANDLEY, HAYNES, LYMAN, PROUTY, SERENA, SMITH, SNYDER and WYKOFF.  And from Illinois my present wife's line : WANTUCH.

See some Pictures of my Ancestors or  Pictures from My Past  or 40's Pics of my family.

Click here to see Pictures of the "2014" BENNETT Family Reunion held on June 14th 2014.

Click here to join the BENNETT B530 Mail List or to View PETÈS  GEDCOM.

Click here to visit the WYCKOFF House and Association Site (My 7th great grandfather's House)

Click here to visit the GORE Family Connection or here to Join the GORE Mail List.

Click here for a link to the Pennsylvania Gen Web Project.


Visit the Mid-Atlantic Archives.

Click here for Pennsylvania Vital Records Info.

Click here to visit the "National Society DAR Page".

I use AZZCARDFILE how about you? Click here to try it:

On August 11, 2015 I became  a member of the NSSAR, Centre County Pennsylvania Chapter of the PSSAR

 By my 4th Great Grandfather Auke Wikoff. (See my Wykoff Ancestory) or Click on PETES GEDCOM above.


Click here to visit the "National Society SAR Page".

Click here to visit  "Census Finder site ".

Click here to try the Genealogy- Search Engine. a Great place to start your Search.

Click here to visit my Tombstone Inscriptions Page


Metal Detecting:

Click here see my Best Metal Detecting "Find".

Click to read about my Brother Jim's good Detecting.

  Click to visit TreasureNet.

Click here to find out How Many Days til 2019.

The American Civil War:

The American Civil War - Regimental Index of the War

Click for a link to  My Great grandfather's Civil War Regiment the  47th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regt.


Click here to visit  Some of my Friends in the Old Abe Camp #8  SUVCW of Oshkosh, Wisconsin

or Click here for a Link to Music of the Civil War!) 

Click here and check out Timelines of the Civil War.

Pennsylvania History:

Central Pennsylvania History - Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission Website

Visit Steve Miller's North Central PA. com Site.

My Writing:

I once wrote a series Articles for a Local Magazine that has now ceased publication.     READ THESE ARTICLES.   


I  also wrote Articles for another Local Magazine and as it turns out, it too ceased publication. READ THESE ARTICLES.

Country Music:

 I love Country Music and performed with the following Bands over the last 30 years: "The Country Cousins", "The Counts" and the "Nashville Collection." Currently I am a fan of  Alan Jackson, George Strait, and the legend "George Jones".  I am also a fan of Canadian Country Music Artist "Jamie Warren". He's really great!  I am still performing, while wintering in Fort Myers Beach, Florida and in Canada at many open mic sites in Niagara Fall, ON.  If you've seen me, sign my Guest Book please?

Click here to visit in Buffalo, NY Classic Country Music Station WRXL

Visit Nash Country Dailey .

Click to read about "Where I've Been in Country Music"!


In loving memory of my first wife Doris Kay Anderegg Bennett (9/25/1942-9/13/2000)            Click for Carousel Links, Doris loved them!

My Hometown, Sinnamahoning, PA:

I am Retired-and freer then the Eagles you can  see at the Sinnamahoning State Park.

Click here for Local News.. the Fort Myers News-Press is online.

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Click here for a link to Barry's Clip Art Server.


Stuff I share:

Click here to Read about my son BRIANHELP prevent a Crisis before it happens! Find out what MHAUS is.

Please take time to read "the Bible" Daily" Amen!


Click here to be Notified by email of  EMERGENCIES in the USA

Click here to see how they water-ski on the Stevenson Dam near Sinnamahoning where only trolling motors are allowed.

Visit the Cameron County Historical Society's Page where I am a lifetime member.

Cameron, Elk Counties share a Real Live Elk herd  and  Sinnamahoning, PA is my Ole Hometown.

 Join my "Lots of Sinnamahoning & Driftwood friends" site on facebook.  It's ALL about the area.

Tourists click for a link to the Pennsylvania Visitors Network ...Remember to see "Pennsylvania" First!

Don't forget to Click on the Herd to Enjoy a visit to the Elk Country Visitors Center!

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Lord give me the grace to see a joke,
To get some humor out of life
And pass it on to other folk."


I will forever be A Proud United States Marine

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